miercuri, 27 ianuarie 2010

Crvena Zvezda Beograd (1991)

Here I start my new blog, where I intend to post designs of real kits. The first kit is one worn in a day to remember for all the Red Star fans, and I guess not only. It was 29.05.1991 in Bari, the European Cup Final (Champions League previous version) between Red Star Belgrade and Olimpique Marseille. I will not go further with informations about the game, only that Red Star wins on the penalties 5-3 (0-0 after 120 minutes), but will concentrate on presenting the kit as I can better.

Full name: Fudbalski Klub Crvena Zvezda
City: Belgrade
Season: 1990-1991
Competition: European Cup (Kup Šampiona)
Shirt sponsor: -
Kit manufacturer: puma

7 comentarii:

  1. Hi, PUMA logo on the kit looks inverted, is this OK? Head of puma should be on the left and tail on the right...

  2. I don't know why was the puma logo inverted on their kits, but I assure you that it was just like this. If anyone could help me about this...

  3. Zoran you got it right- check this pic http://www.ljupkopetrovic.com/images/upload/ljupko1(2).jpg

    You will notice the Puma logo is inverted-so the kit you have designed is absolutely correct.

  4. Thanks Mr Dynamite, I am curious why was the logo that way. There must be an explanetion. I guess it depended on wich part of the shirt was the logo, left or right. Interesting thing also is that the puma logo was not on the short.

  5. does anyone know where i can get a Crvena Zvezda kit, the jersey, shorts, and socks??

    I can find the jersey but thats it. Id preferably want a 1991 replica as shown here, but any year will do

  6. Your blog is a great place to be Zoran. Congrats from Argentina. Keep on like this.

  7. Puma was looking toward the players heart. :)