duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012

Aston Villa FC 2011-2012 home and away kits

Full name: Aston Villa Football Club
City: Birmingham
Season: 2011-2012
League: Premier League
Stadium: Villa Park
Founded: 1874
Shirt sponsor: Genting Casinos
Kit manufacturer: Nike

7 comentarii:

  1. Please kits of Cruz Azul(Mexico)

  2. Hello my friend. I am Brazilian and Fan Cruzeiro Esporte clube and Tottenham. I would ask the Cruzeiro Olympikus kits and Tottenham's Under Armour please. Thank you. Congratulations on the blog

  3. Hi mate, I'm very interested in the template you use, do I could
    pass the PSD? if you want, nothing happens.
    A greeting!

  4. @Anonim: Cruz Azul fantasy you can find on the other blog of mine, the 2011-2012 kits cannot promise you soon.
    @Walter Oliveira: Hi, Cruzeiro is already on the waiting list, Tottenham was made already couple of versions, but maybe some day will find some time to do requests.
    @Second Anonim: sorry but I don't just pass my psd files.

  5. Ok, I just hope you continue making the best teams of Europe that really are the best kits of all internet thanks