duminică, 11 noiembrie 2012

Manchester United 2012-2013 home and away kits

Full name: Manchester United Football Club
City: Manchester
Season: 2012-2013
League: Premier League
Stadium: Old Trafford
Founded: 1878
Shirt sponsor: AON
Kit manufacturer: Nike

What else to choose for a come-back, other then Manchester United kits for 2012-2013 season. Three variants for the home kit as they are used in home and away games and one away kit.


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  1. The away socks actually have black tops: http://e2.365dm.com/12/09/504x378/Robin-van-Persie-Southampton-Manchester-Unite_2822045.jpg

  2. Thanks Daniel, you have a point, on the away white kit the socks have black turnovers. On the home white socks (used in Champions League games) the turnovers are white.

  3. hello Zoran,
    yours work is great as usually,

    I'm very interested to see what is yours opinion abaut this kits;


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