marți, 2 martie 2010

European Cup Final 1986-1987

The second final presented is the 1986-87 seasons European Cup. That game was played in Prater Stadium, Vienna in 27 May 1987. Then F.C. Porto, the champion of Portugal meet F.C. Bayern Munchen, the champion of West Germany. The final result was 2-1 for F.C. Porto.

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  1. Hi Zoran
    I´ve been folowing your blogs and now I see my team shirt in the most beautiful season ever:D

    thx for the nostalgic moment.

    1 more thing. what program u use to creat the templates(this ones more simple and the ones on futebolkittdesign)?

  2. hi zoran, can you please make the celtic fc home kit season 2007?

    thanks before...


  3. hi zoran, this is another request from me. can you please make the rangers fc home kit season 2007-08?

    thanks before,


  4. Great final! Juari and Madjer. Remember as if it was yesterday!